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What is a Clearspan Marquee?

Let’s make it clear what a clearspan marquee is, since this is the main type of marquee we offer for hire here at Jubilee Events.

A clear span marquee is a marquee with no interior support poles so that there is open and uninterrupted floor space and sightlines inside.
interior of clearspan marquee set up for a wedding reception by jubilee events ltd nottingham

This allows for quicker installation with no sight interruption, more capacity, better personalisation, and more versatility.

So now you know - you're welcome!

But wait... What exactly does all that marquee industry jargon actually mean??

Read on for a deep dive into all things clearspan marquee, Jubilee Events style.

Traditionally, a marquee was a big tent that was held up by poles on the inside and stabilised by guy ropes on the outside. You still get many variations of this type of marquee available today.

interior of a traditional marquee with interior poles limiting set up of tables and chairs

As you can imagine, the poles on the inside create obstructions, both on the floor and in terms of sightlines, reducing the available space inside for whatever furniture is being used.

exterior of a traditional marquee with guy ropes taking up space

Simultaneously, the guy ropes on the outside take up space to create the necessary tension to keep the marquee upright. This reduces the space available for the marquee itself. And it also creates a trip hazard!

Enter the clearspan marquee…

In order to do away with the poles and the ropes, a clearspan marquee uses a metal frame structure instead. This immediately opens up the space internally and maximises the use of available space both inside and outside the marquee.

interior of clearspan marquee with no internal poles or ropes jubilee events ltd nottingham

Another advantage that a clearspan marquee has over a pole and rope style marquee is that the frame structure allows it to be erected on hard surfaces like concrete surfaces or tarmacadam areas, even astroturf!

The frame structure of the clearspan marquee is also very stable and sturdy with a higher wind rating than the more traditional types of marquees. If bad weather is anticipated, we can easily weigh the marquee down as well.

clearspan marquee with custom decor and lighting jubilee events ltd nottingham

The interior of the marquee with its ivory drapes becomes a blank canvas waiting for your imagination and creativity

- no “workarounds” needed so that the back guest table can still see the speeches at the head table,

or having to reduce the number of guests because you can’t make the table arrangements work around the poles.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Roger and the team for your no-obligation chat about your next event, and how a clearspan marquee can help turn it into something special without the hassle.

And perhaps you will want to make yours a Jubilee Event!


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