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What Happens When It Rains?

Are Marquees Waterproof?

marquee pagoda in a back garden with rain clouds jubilee events ltd

So, you wanted to hold your special event in a marquee to take advantage of the great outdoors?

You imagined the beautiful sunshine, the guests enjoying the views, the feeling of freedom and open space....

And now you're a little nervous because it is England, after all. With the chance of rain any minute, no matter the season or the weather forecast.

marquee window with rain dripping down on outside with dry matting on inside jubilee events ltd

What will happen to all your plans if the weather turns against you and it starts to rain? Or even worse, if it has been raining for days on end?

Can you still use a marquee in the rain? Are marquees really waterproof?

Will your guests be able to wear nice shoes instead of wellington boots?!

Never fear, we can put your mind at ease. The simple answer is - yes!

Yes, you can still hold a marquee event in the rain as our marquees are waterproof.

6 Reasons Why Rain Is No Problem

Here’s a list of 6 reasons why rain is no problem; along with some tips to make sure everything runs smoothly even if the weather doesn’t go according to plan.

1. The marquee roof and walls are made of PVC, which is fully waterproof, so there won’t be any drips from the ceiling!

2. Choosing hard flooring is a good option for the wetter months. This allows water to pass through underneath, keeping the flooring area nice and dry.

3. Our beautiful DandyDura matting, which can be used with or without hard flooring, keeps the mud on the bottom and protects the ground from becoming churned up. The matting can also be used outside as a walkway, to ensure that your guests’ shoes stay mud-free. No wellington boots needed!

4. We offer a site survey in advance of the event to help you think through the positioning of the marquee and ensure that it is sited away from any potential damp areas.

5. When hiring two or more of our structures, these are connected with PVC guttering, so you will stay dry when moving between the spaces.

6. Adding a set of glass doors provides an impressive, yet sheltered, entrance to the space, particularly if it is windy as well as wet.

marquee entrance with glass doors and clear wall panels in countryside with matting pathway jubilee events ltd

Wet weather doesn’t stop us from setting up or taking down the marquee either – our team doesn’t mind getting rained on and there’s always a warm van to dry off in afterward!

Following our tips during the pre-event consultation will help ensure that rain doesn't fall on your celebration and should stop water from coming under the marquee to spoil things.

So, don’t be put off from choosing a marquee for your special event or wedding just because you’re not sure if the sun will shine.

Contact us to talk through the details and we’ll make sure you throw an event to remember, for all the right reasons 😉

image of bridal couple holding umbrella in rain on jubilee events ltd blog post
Image courtesy of CY Wild Photography


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