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DIY with a bespoke marquee wedding

If you have a vision for a bespoke, personalised wedding a marquee is an excellent way to do it.

Pick your venue with the vibe you like. As long as the space is big enough and the ground is flat we can put up a marquee almost anywhere. Our Clearspan marquee is excellent quality, pristine and fully lined with light cream fabric which makes it the perfect blank canvas for decorating. Additionally, a lot of outdoor venues give you much more freedom to choose the suppliers you want for your day with no constraints around catering and entertainment options.

Case Study: Festival Wedding

As a professional musician (Steve) and keen festival goer (Emma), they both wanted to bring everything they love about their favourite events to their wedding day.

They hired a beautiful glamping site in the Somerset countryside overlooking Glastonbury Tor for their big day. The site had ample space for a 6mx12m Clearspan marquee with seating for 100 guests plus plenty of extra room for guests to camp.

Semi permanent bell tents available on site for guests to stay in

Since music was at the heart of the day they had several live sets, a dance floor and a silent disco for the night.

To further the festival vibe they hired food vans which cooked fresh pizzas and Mexican food for guests.

As well as music and festivals Emma and Steve also share a love of the environment. They wanted their wedding to make as little impact as possible on their countryside location so they used a glass hire service and sourced compostable plates and cutlery. Their wedding flowers also came from a local wild flower producer.

  • Quick tip; check with your location what catering equipment they allow on site. Some working farms won't allow glass as breakages can cause injury to livestock that are let back onto the land after the event season has finished.

By designing their own day and choosing the suppliers they wanted Emma and Steve were able to create a day that really reflected their personalities and their loves. The glamping model allowed them to go big and invite all their friends and family in an affordable way as well as ensuring they didn't leave a lasting impact on the environment.

If you'd like to create your own day but don't know where to start try our event management service.

Let us take the stress and complexities of event planning away from your wedding day, ensuring a successful and memorable event. With our expertise your event will be in safe hands.


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